Kyoto University Applied Mathematics Seminar (KUAMS)

In the Department of Mathematics at Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, we hold a seminar once in a month, inviting a broad spectrum of lecturers working in various fields of mathematics and fields that connect or are expected to connect in the future to applications of mathematics. We prepare a wide range of inspiring topics carrying the features of applied mathematics and we gladly welcome the participation not only of mathematicians but also of those who do research in fields related to mathematics and feel interested.


Upcoming seminars


No. 81:   May 18, 2021 (Tue) 16:45-18:15

Dr. Patrick van Meurs (Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University)
"Discrete-to-continuum convergence of charged particles in 1D with annihilation"

Patrick_van_MeursAbstract: We consider Coulomb particles of positive and negative charge moving on the real line. The velocity of each particle is given by the electric field induced by the other particles. Particles typically collide in finite time. Upon collision, we remove them from the system. The figure illustrates the trajectories of the particles.
Our main aim is to pass to the limit as the number of particles tends to infinity. The difficulty is due to both the singularity of the electric field and the particle collisions. We overcome this difficulty by using nifty ODE tricks and by fine-tuning the notion of viscosity solutions.
This is joint work with M.A. Peletier (Eindhoven U, Netherlands) and N. Pozar (Kanazawa U).

Note: This talk will take place in the form of an online Zoom meeting for involved members only.