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Second International ACCA-JP/UK Workshop

January 18 and 19, 2016
Kyoto University



(Pdf version is available here. To view individual abstracts, click on the speaker's name below.)

January 18 (Monday)

  9:30—10:00 Registration
10:00—10:15 Opening
10:15—10:45 Makoto Iima: Separation vortices dynamics of the single vortex model
10:45—11:15 Michael Dallaston: Interfacial Hele-Shaw flows that develop corner singularities
11:15—11:45 Kiori Obuse: Behaviour of a treadmilling microorganism near a semi-infinite wall
11:45—14:00 Lunch
14:00—14:30 David Uminsky: A multi-moment approach to modeling the onset of vortex merger
14:30—15:00 Yasuhide Fukumoto: Motion of counter-rotating vortex pair in a viscous fluid
15:00—15:30 Robert Krasny: A treecode-accelerated boundary integral Poisson-Boltzmann solver for electrostatics of solvated proteins
15:30—15:50 Tea/Coffee Break
15:50—16:20 Ikkei Hotta: Computational approach to Loewner theory
16:20—16:50 Marcus Webb: Toeplitz symbols and spectra of Jacobi operators
18:30— Banquet


January 19 (Tuesday)

  9:30—10:00 Toshiyuki Sugawa: Computational approach to univalence and geometric properties of analytic functions
10:00—10:30 Lesley Ward: The harmonic-measure distribution function of a planar domain: A survey
10:30—10:50 Tea/Coffee Break
10:50—11:20 Ken'ichiro Tanaka: Potential theoretic approach to design of highly accurate formulas for function approximation in weighted Hardy spaces
11:20—11:50 Marie Snipes: Harmonic measure in doubly connected domains
11:45—14:00 Lunch
14:00—14:30 Hidenori Ogata: Numerical integration based on the hyperfunction theory
14:30—15:00 Sheehan Olver: Solving singular integral equations with applications in fluid flow and acoustics
15:00—15:30 Takuya Ooura: Double exponential quadratures for various kinds of integral
15:30—15:50 Tea/Coffee Break
15:50—16:20 Javier Serrano: Splash singularities for the incompressible free boundary Euler and Navier-Stokes
16:20—16:50 Tomoki Uda: Numerical computation for vortex patch equilibria
16:50—17:00 Closing